A world traveler who started out collecting anything old, odd or unusual early in life, Artful Indulgence’s Deb Haney creates one-of-a-kind jewelry and adornments that bring together a variety of styles and cultural influences. She often mixes antique beads with modern ones, leather with pearl or crystal, spiritual icons, fibers, metals and almost any other kind of material. She uses the same simple jewelry making techniques that have been employed for centuries by world craftspeople, including tying, hammering, knitting, riveting and weaving to produce eye-catching, unique works. She especially loves to incorporate tribal pieces whenever she can find them. Traditional and custom pieces are also available. Artful Indulgence has been a part of the Hourglass family since 2000.

See Artful Indulgence Jewelry & Adornments for Home, Person and Garden on Facebook, www.artfulindulgence.com, or www.melrosearts.com for more designs.

Samples of Work