Jenne Rayburn is a metalsmith, enamellist, and seasoned designer who creates lovely, original designs intended to flatter a woman’s unique style and personality and to compliment the vision of the woman who wears them. Jenne’s wearable pieces are a contemporary distillation of ancient handcrafts and jewelry, the ornament of indigenous peoples, and interpretations of nature. Jenne is fascinated with myths and folk stories that recount heroic adventures and strive to express the mystery and complexity of the human experience. Grounded by study and admiration of formal and classical design and traditional techniques, yet not constrained by them, Jenne is continually experimenting and seeking out innovative materials and methods that enable her to express her ideas.
Jenne opened her studio for business in 2009, however, she has been designing and creating beautiful things most of her life. Jenne studied art and architecture at the University of Washington where she was introduced to metalsmithing and textile design. She received the M.S. degree in Design from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She has taken intensive workshops at the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, and at the Metalwerx School for Jewelry and Metal Arts.
Jenne grew up in Pullman, Washington and now resides in Malden, Massachusetts. She shares a sunny colonial revival cape, overlooking an overgrown rock garden and English roses, with her sweetheart and their young sons.