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Fair Trade – White Sage incense Sticks


Triloka Global Shaman White sage Incense: Protection-Clarity- Healing. White Sage has a warm and earthy aroma yet sweetly fresh with some cedar and amber nuances. White Sage is an herb believed sacred by Native Americans for hundreds of years. White Sage is used for rituals and ceremonies for centuries burned to create an intended effect. Triloka incense is hand-made according to the ancient masala method, a tradition that has been passed down through incense-crafting families in India for generations. This tried-and-true process blends sandalwood, herbs, gums, woods, resins, and oils to form a paste (masala) which is then hand-rolled into fine bamboo sticks to dry in the sun. This method creates incense with a long- lasting fragrance that leaves a subtle aroma even after the incense has gone out. 10 sticks per pack. Handcrafted in India.

Fair Trade


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